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Training Services

For more information on training and services, please click here to fill out a contact form. 

Private Lesson

1-on-1 training provided in-home or on-campus. Great option for foundation training, basic obedience, and puppy training! 


Board & Trains

Our board & train programs aim to help owners who want a more open & clear relationship with their dog. Our board & train program focuses on clear communication and control between dog and owner, from basic to advance obedience, and realistic style of training. 


We work with your dog 1-on-1 daily to develop a healthier mindset and skill base. Owners are given multiple outlets of learning and experience, along with 1:1 private lessons. 

Day Training

Similar to our Board and Train program, this helps owners to build a foundation for their dogs. Dogs are dropped off for the day where they get 1:1 lessons with the trainer. Owners participate in private/group lessons. 

Puppy Program

Our Puppy Program offers a variety of training for your puppy. Starting with real world exposure to people or things, introduction to obedience, good habits, and basic puppy/dog care. 


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